Courage or Hubris: The Verdict is in

It is so unreasonable cold here! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

A month or so ago, I posted about pushing and pushing to get a piece submitted to a juried show. That day everything went wrong. See here. I asked the question then, “was it courage (to succeed in the face of difficulty) or hubris (to force my own will)?”

Well the verdict is in. It was hubris. I didn’t get accepted to the show. This happens, it’s not necessarily a reflection on my work. Different jurors have different tastes and visions for shows. What is a reflection on my work is the terrible quality of the photographs. I looked back at them and they are horrendous. When you jury a show you get so many entries; the first thing you do is throw out the poor quality images. It’s like having a mistake on your resume. Major faux pas!

I was pushing so much, I didn’t even notice the pictures were terrible. I knew they weren’t perfect, but that is a huge understatement. That means I wasn’t present. I wasn’t listening. I left my body for my mind. Abandoned reality for my idea of what I wanted and I forced my will. Essentially I wasted two days which I could have spent connected with my family: one day to make the slides in duress & the next to recover.

Lesson: Pushing is bad, surrender is sweet. Pushing dams up the flow of the Divine, the One, into this world.

3 Responses “Courage or Hubris: The Verdict is in”

  1. DebraAnn says:

    Another important lesson to learn. It is one I learned myself this past year the hard way, if it is much to hard to maintain ourselves while we are working to get our work out there then we are going about it the wrong way.

    Good luck on your travels and your photographs will be beautiful next time around. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. gartenfische says:

    One of those life lessons! We all need them (and get them!).

  3. Boy do we ever get them!

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