Via Creativa?

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Many and disparate waves do not make the sea a multiplicity; no more do the Names make the Named more than One. When the sea breathes they call it mist; when mist piles up they call it clouds. It falls again, they name it rain; it gathers itself and rejoins the sea. And it is now the same sea it ever was.

So Ocean is Ocean
As it was in Eternity,
Contingent beings
But its waves and currents.
Do not let the ripples
And mists of the worlds
Veil you from Him
Who takes form within these veils. (Jandi)

Beginninglessness is the depth unfathomed, Endlessness the shores of this Ocean.


Listen, riffraff:
Do you want to be ALL?
Then go,
Go and become NOTHING (p.78)

Amazing via negativa poetry. Until yesterday, the via negativa was my dearest desire. But I have been watching a number of Matthew Fox videos on youtube and he has opened my eyes to a new idea: the via creativa. Fox sees the via creativa as a path to the One through creative acts, which, is the whole topic of this blog! He sees the via positiva (also sometimes called the affirmative way) and the via negativa as building blocks to the via creativa. It’s a fascinating idea and I do feel the beauty in the world and the emptiness both while making art.

I will sit with this and perhaps I may embark upon a new path? Or perhaps this is the path I am already on…

5 Responses “Via Creativa?”

  1. Emily says:

    I took a single mysticism class in college, so I’m no expert… but my prof seemed to indicate that Dominicans (like Eckhart) were about the via negativa, or the apophatic way, while Fransiscans were more creativa/cataphatic. Reading and reflecting on more Eckhart, though, those lines can’t be drawn. I think you need the negativa, the void, for the creativa to come through. It’s as natural and sublimely beautiful as breathing, in and out. 🙂

  2. Emily-

    I think you are right. Thanks for your comments! (You are very well informed for taking just one class! 😉

  3. Andiwallhog(Andrea Kapalin) says:

    thank for sharing this video it comes at the perfect moment in time for me and many i am sure

  4. gartenfische says:

    It seems to me that you are already on the via creativa path, it’s just a matter of terminology.

    Thomas Keating also talks about the path to God being a spiral, not a staircase.

  5. Andrea, welcome!

    Gartenfische, I must find out more about Keating. You’ve mentioned him several times on your blog and I’m always intrigued…

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