Happy Earth Day!

A beautiful and blessed Earth Day to you. Today I am honoring the earth by working with clay. What are you up to?

I am also thinking about my garden up north and how I formed a deep connection to that soil and how much beauty and joy was offered in return. I cherished that land and it loved me back. I felt it and saw it. I wish that everyone could experience that sense of harmony and belonging to a place. I believe much of the mindless destruction of our planet would be reversed with this experience of mindfulness.

Here are some pictures from last summer. I’m sorry about the spill over into my sidebar, but I’m anxious to embrace my clay and don’t want to use this precious day on resizing pictures!

Sybil's Garden

Casablanca Lillies

Sybil's Garden

Sybil's Garden

Pat Austin Rose
Poppy & Salvia

I’m sad to have left this garden that was nothing but a weedy patch of grass when I found it. I feel it waking and I am not there to tend it. So instead I’m turning to clay, temporarily my own patch of earth to tend, as it passes through my hands in transformation. I am entering into a conscious relationship with earth itself, a dialogue.

Here are 2 older posts on the relationship between the earth & spirit. This first is by Gartenfische (and is well worth a read for it beauty) and the second is mine.

Viriditas. Venite, Adoremus
The Spiritual Earth

Happy Earth Day!

4 Responses “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. Jan says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. What a paradise you created. How sad you had to leave it. But you brought more life into the world, which you shared with us.

    Silly me–I did not notice that your pictures went over to the sidebar until I read what you wrote and went back to look.

  2. debraann says:

    What a beautiful garden and a wonderful tribute to Earth Day. I feel that way about my current home. That it is where I belong and where I have found myself and my soul. Happy Earth Day!

  3. What a beautiful garden, Sybil!

    I will return at a later date to read those two posts.

    I sense your communion with the earth. I felt that so acutely when a was a child, a “tomboy” in rural PA., and the connection has stayed with me.

    Enjoy transforming that clay… 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi there Sybil

    After seeing these photos, I can fully appreciate the loss you must be feeling.
    I can tell by the beauty that a tremendous amount of hard work and joy has been experienced in producing a garden so vibrant.

    Thank you for always being a tower of strength to me.

    Be blessed

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