A Poem for Inspiration


A friend just reminded me of this beautiful poem. Thanks Katherine!

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt – marvelous error ! –
that a spring was breaking
out in my heart.
I said: Along which secret aqueduct,
Oh water, are you coming to me,
water of a new life
that I have never drunk?

Last night as I lay sleeping,
I dreamt – marvelous error! –
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.
– Antonio Machado

I may just have to incorporate this image into my next painting….

8 Responses “A Poem for Inspiration”

  1. Jan says:

    I love this poem. How pleased I am to find a new post by you!

  2. Judy Olson says:

    A friend has your link on her blog list. When I came to your page I saw my bees. I said, “She has a photo of my bees! The ones in my heart making the white combs and sweet honey!” I have pretty much constant atrial fibrillation so Machado’s poem is dear to my heart. I just read your post on the heart surgery and defibrillator. Ah, how challenging it is to have a body!

  3. Krizza says:

    I really appreciate this poem..Thanks for sharing beautiful blog..

  4. Jan says:

    I was surprised to see this again! What a lovely surprise, even though I’ve been here before! Love to you Sybil.

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