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Hat City Kitchen Opening

It is important for artists to support their community so I was thrilled when I was asked to exhibit a painting in Hat City Kitchen as part of their 3rd anniversary kick-off.

Here is a picture of me and my painting:

Sybil Archibald and painting
(I’ll get a better picture of this painting up as soon as I can… But I love this one because you can’t see any of my jaw issues! )

It is my first attempt at a large abstract ever. How much fun it was and what an adventure! The greatest part of making art is the adventure. That is one reason I never plan anything. I just get to work and I’m always surprised with what I end up with. The other reason I don’t plan my work is I don’t want to control my creative output, I want to just flow through as it did with this painting.

Hat City Kitchen is part of the ValleyArts district, a newly forming knot of galleries, artist studios and interesting places to hangout. My work is featured in the ValleyArts blog about the event.