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Blog Issues

Well there seem to be some serious problems going on with this blog. If you try and click on any post to comment you can’t. My apologies. I’m working on getting it solved. In the meantime I’ve written several new posts but I’m waiting to sort out these issues to post them. Any prayers will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I guess my theme was broken. Please excuse the look of this blog while I work on the problem.


Art of the Spirit Business: Success!

I successfully transferred this site to a new host and upgraded WordPress. It’s nothing short of a miracle, how easily it went! However, you will notice a few kinks around the site which I will get cleaned up this weekend, but as it is almost 2am I must listen to my grumpy husband and go to sleep.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.


Art of the Spirit Business

Happy New Year everyone!

This blog was down for a day due to technical issues with my hosting service. These issues seem to be on going so I have made the decision to switch hosts. This is probably going to mean my blog is out of commission for a day or two coming up. I’ll keep you posted when it will happen. It should not effect feeds or anything else- I hope! The ways of the internet are strange and varied.

A poem for your time:

How easily you have untied my tongue
and handcuffed my heart!
Poetry was a dead thing, a forgotten thing.
The icy caverns of my heart have thawed,
churning waters of words wind through its chambers,
cascading fires of my soul coming to life,
all senses open to the world’s music now,
a calligraphy of fire!water!earth!air!
ears!eyes!mouth!skin! opening their doors to the world,
the world comes pouring in,
light and color and sound and sense and beauty and life again.
A tree has grandeur and soft beauty, the green
spilling a hushed message from God,
the sky somersaulting in color,
a clown of orange and red stripes.
Yes! You have untied nature and my heart,
Poetry has burst through her cage to sing again,
You have come, and I spin madly around your presence
spinning…spinning …around your presence.
Usha Akella

Thanks for reading,


Videos for email subscribers

I just noticed that videos don’t embed into the email subscriptions. Sorry everyone reading via email! I’ll make sure to include the URL’s from now on too. Yesterday’s video can be found at

Have a wonderful day!

Here is one of my annunciation etchings:

Annunciation (c) Sybil Archibald

Art of the Spirit Business

Just a couple of updates:

1-I’ve opened a store on Etsy and I’ll be adding a new piece twice a day until I get it stocked up. This store is for smaller works, I’m currently revising my main art website to make it possible to purchase bigger pieces there too. This accounts for some of my slower than usual posting here. You can also subscribe to a feed of my most recent work here. (Also just started.)

2-I’m working on adding a new feature, a semi-regular interview with a spiritual artist. If you are interested in being featured or would like to do an interview of someone, please contact me.

3-For some reason, my feed seems to be double posting. So to all you reading this via rss feed, sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll get it sorted out asap.

4- Have a wonderful & blessed day!

Comments Enabled

Sorry guys, somehow I shut off comments. But they are working again. Look forward to hearing from you!

Art of the Spirit Site Revisions & New Mystic

Hildegard's Angel by Sybil Archibald A bit of business and then some beauty.
This week, I added a tag cloud to my sidebar. Over the next few days I’m going to be working on tagging and recategorizing my posts to optimize searching and to hopeful make them more useful. This shouldn’t effect my web readers, but my feed subscribers may get some reposts. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I think it will make the the overall site much stronger!

I discovered a new mystic this week: Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi, a 13th century Sufi from Persia. His book is called Divine Flashes. I love this name because this how making art occurs for me, as a Divine flash. I’ll have much more once I finish reading. But let me share this, a beautiful quote on the idea that there is nothing but God (I know I need to find more mystics who recognize the feminine aspect of the Divine!):

Pardon me this innovation, revealing such secrets. Remember:

He Himself spoke Truth
He Himself listened.
He Himself showed Himself
He Himself saw.

Junyard said once, “For thirty years now I’ve been conversing with God, yet people seem to think I’m talking to them!” Through the ears of Moses, He heard Himself speak with the flame-tongue of the Bush:

He speaks
He listens
you and I
but a pretext.

Art of the Spirit Recieves Roaring Lion Award

A beautiful thing has happened. Gartenfische, whose blog is so extraordinary and moving, has awarded me “A Roar for Powerful Writing” award! I am so honored because I respect and admire Gartenfische’s work so much. She understands the mystical side of life and helps to guide me closer to the Divine. Thank you Gartenfische!
Roaring Lion Award
There is so much beauty in this world! Now I get to pass this award on to another blogger. I have to tell you it is next to impossible to choose. There are so many blogs with wonderful writing. But my choice has to be Princess Haiku. Her blog is beautiful and whimsical. But, also, she was one of the first to discover my blog and gave me so much encouragement through writing me my first comments.

I only have one award to give but I’d like to mention two other blogs whose writing I love: on spirituality, Jan & on life in general Mary Kaufman.