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St. Francis Broken, a Sculpture: The Healing Nature of Wounds

This is the story of the sculpting, breaking and repair of my St. Francis of Assisi sculpture and how it parallels my own spiritual transformation.


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Artist Tour & Interview

St. Teresa of Avila

Don’t Make Lists
Every day a new flower rises
from your body’s fresh soil.
Don’t go around looking
for fallen petals
in a fairy tale, when you’ve
got the golden »»

Wandering the Desert

The Pregnant Virgin Mary by Sybil Archibald
Click the images for closeups, more information & more work in the Earthen Vessel »»

Emerging from the Desert

Plotinus by Sybil Archibald

Form in Void
The tree is stripped,
All color, fragrance gone,
Yet already on the bough,
Uncaring spring!
Ikkyu Sojun 15th century

Three years ago, my family and I moved »»

On Process, Sculptures and Kindness

Verse for the Virgin
Alleluia! light
burst from your untouched
womb like a flower
on the farther side
of death. The world-tree
is blossoming. Two
realms become one.
–Hildegard of Bingen
(Trans. Barbara Newman from Women »»

The Pregnant Virgin Mary

We know the scene: the room, variously furnished,
almost always a lectern, a book; always
the tall lily.
Arrived on solemn grandeur »»

On The Ocean, Sculptures & Videos

I have a feeling that my boat
has struck, down there in the depths,
against a great thing.

The Virgin Mary as Artist’s Exemplar

Post Updated: I’ve bumped up this post from last month because I added photos of the sculpture it inspired at the end.

This poem by Thomas Merton »»

New Scupltures

Reclining Angel:

Listening Angel


These pieces are made from clay. I’m working on a post about the meaning of clay. It should be up in a couple days.

New Sculpture out of the Kiln

I finally got this one fired:

Next post from the tropics!


I got a lot done in ceramics today. I glazed the second in my series of woman cracked open like eggs and finished the sculpting on the »»

Rumi & New Scupture

Joyful for no reason,
I want to see beyond this existence.

You open your lips, laughing.
I think of a design for that opening.
-Rumi (trans Coleman Barks & John Moyne)

I »»

New Sculpture

My sculpture came out of the kiln today:

Art & Adventure

my life is mirrored in
a morning Glory.
–Arakida Moritake (1473-1549, member of the Shinto priesthood)

Making art is such an adventure. Yesterday at the etching studio I thought my »»

Guidance & My New Sculpture

I remember in college rolling out of bed at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and feeling like I slept in. Now I have a child and »»