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A man should shine with the divine Presence without having to work at it. One must be permeated with divine Presence, informed with the form of beloved »»

Via Creativa?

More from Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi

Many and disparate waves do not make the sea a multiplicity; no more do the Names make the Named more than One. When the »»

Courage or Hubris: The Verdict is in

It is so unreasonable cold here! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

A month or so ago, I posted about pushing and pushing to get a piece submitted to »»

The Feminine Aspect of the Divine

Since yesterday I quoted a mystic who has such a strong sense of the masculine aspect of God, I thought a little balance was in order:

God is »»

The Spiritual Earth

The greatest spiritual crisis facing humanity today is rectifying our relationship to the Earth. Sadly, our culture has taught us that physicality »»

Tagore & the Artist (Again…)

I can’t seem to get enough of Tagore. I’ve posted many of his poems here because he so intimately understands the process of creativity.

Thou hast made »»


Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. It seemed like a normal appointment until, in the middle of a technical discussion, my doctor described one of my symptoms »»

Everything in Nothing

From the very first, not a single thing exists
Within that ‘not a single thing’ lies inexhaustible treasure:
The great seas are in it; rivers and mountains also.